Faith United Church of Christ

About Us

Congregation: The Congregation is governed by a Consistory, or church council, comprised of a cross section of the membership, elected by the membership. Similar in concept to other denominations' "elder board".

about us

Ministry Teams

Trustees--The Trustees are specifically tasked with the oversight and maintainence of the physical assets of the congregation, primarily the building facilities.

Outreach and Service--This team coordinates most of the interactions the congregation makes with the community; it is the Outward looking focus of ministry/service to others.

Education and Spiritual Growth--fairly self explanatory: What is being taught to the members? How are they being encouraged to grow spiritually, and what does that look like?

Membership and Fellowship--Similar to outreach and service, but with an Inward focus. How can the members be served? Visiting and sending cards to the home bound or hospitalized, praying for one another, developing relationships to meet one another's needs and help carry one another's burdens. And coordinating just having good times with one another, such as at the Summer Picnic, Thanksgiving Dinner, and so on.

Our Core Values, Vision, and Mission

Click here to view or download a copy of our Core Values, Vision Statement, and Mission Statement.
This document briefly summarizes who we currently are and more importantly, who we are striving to become.

We'd love to have you join us on the journey!