Faith United Church of Christ

Faith's Facilities

The Faith Church building has been a local landmark in downtown State College since its construction was completed in 1933.

One of the ways the congregation honors its core value of community engagement is by opening the doors of the facility for non-church use.

What You Need To Know

Fellowship Hall

If you are considering Faith UCC as the venue for your event, please check the calendar for open time slots.

The arrow on the very upper right corner of the calendar (to the right of "Agenda") is a dropdown index of the spaces in the building. Clicking the index buttons will turn on/off the events scheduled for that space.

Submit your request by using the Facilities Use Request form which you can download. The completed form may be emailed or mailed.

We recommend visiting to see the space you'd like to use prior to your event.

If you have questions, please contact the office (see footer informatiion).

A Christian marriage ceremony is a service of worship offered to God. It is “the glad occasion on which two people unite as loving life-long partners in the mutual exchange of covenant promises. A couple seeking to be married in Faith’s sanctuary must profess a belief in God and a desire that God bless their covenant promises.

”All elements of the service—readings, prayers, vows, music, decorations, and attire—should reflect the dignity that one would expect to prevail in any worship service. Our wedding guidelines are are available to help answer any questions you may have. We want to thank you for your interest in having your wedding service at Faith UCC, and hope this will be a day of great joy and of glory to God. If you have further questions after looking through our guidelines, feel free to contact us (info in the footer).