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The Reverend Jake Wagner

The Rev. Jake Wagner and friends visited our church recently to see the renovations that made our church building handicap-accessible. Rev. Wagner was the pastor here at Faith for 13 years during the seventies.

Picture here are Rev. Wagner and his daughter (left) and Rev. Cote and his wife (right).

Jack Wagner

Recent Visit

Accompanying him were his daughter and the Rev. Stephen Cote and his wife Joyce. Rev. Cote was a student intern here for two years when Rev. Wagner was the pastor. Rev. Wagner's daughter and Rev. Cote's wife sang in the church choir when they were members here. Rev. Cote and his wife (who was Joyce Myer, daughter of Donald C. Myer) were married at Faith.

They were very complimentary about our renovations, done in 2000, and wanted to express their greetings to everyone in our congregation who were here when they were.