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Project Serve

Project Serve is an initiative designed to explore the question: “How does God want us to reach out and serve the needs of our community?”

Outreach Mission

From September 2013 through April 2014, we gathered to listen to community organizations share unmet needs and ways we, as a congregation, might be able to get involved. We listened and afterwards we had an opportunity to prayerfully discern where the Spirit of God might be calling us to reach out and serve the needs of our community.

We encouraged everyone who was interested in service to the community (members and non-members) to participate in DISCERNMENT SESSIONS over a 5 week period: June 24 - July 22. Consensus was achieved during the final session... it was very exciting! For more details, click here.

Past Mission Moments

April 2014: Environmental Needs with Sylvia Neely, PAIPL Jennifer Shuey, ClearWater Conservancy  Transcript of the Discussion Session

March 2014: Mental Health Needs with Michelle Henry, Centre County Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Cindy Pasquinelli, Strawberry Fields, Inc, and David Jeffreys, NAMI PA Centre County  Transcript of the Discussion Session

February 2014: Literacy and Children’s Need with Connie Schulz, SC School District, Merrill David, Global Connections, and Barbara Geist, Park Forest Day Nursery and Pre-school  Transcript of the Discussion Session

January 2014: Needs of the Homeless with Thom Brewster: Centre Peace, Anne Ard: Women’s Resource Center, and Regina Diller: Bridge of Hope Centre County  Transcript of the Discussion Session

November 2013: Social And Economic Needs For Low Income Residents with Carol Pioli, Exec. Director, State College Food Bank  Transcript of the Discussion Session

October 2013: Needs of the Elderly with J.R. Reed and Sue Mascolo, former Centre County Commissioner, currently Aging Specialist for Rep. Scott Conklin  Transcript of the Discussion Session