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Pastor Monica

The Rev. Bret S. Myers

Bret enjoys preaching and teaching from a progressive and pluralistic perspective, offering an inclusive and open-minded approach to the Christian faith. His own spirituality is eclectic -- having found truth from many religious and philosophical sources. He sees an important part of his ministry as challenging people to creatively think outside their conceptual frameworks, and to help people extend their compassion to all peoples and to all of God’s creation. He enjoys facilitating spiritual growth in small groups and in counseling individuals, couples, and families. The most important aspect of what he sees he does is to nurture the character development and virtues of those who seek to join in a spiritual journey to-gether as a family of faith – seeking, learning, understanding, and caring in the midst of joys and sorrows, doubts and in-sights, and all that we humanly experience.

Bret has led workshops on non-violence, environmental ethics and religious stewardship, attitudinal and spirit-based communications, envisioning and covenanting, and a variety of other programs that have sought to create healthier and more loving and peaceful relationships in the church, in work places, and in society.

Other than pastoral ministry, Bret has served as lecturer of philosophy, campus minister, hospice chaplain, TV interviewer & reporter of religious news, environmental educator, and a host of other positions that have served to inform and extend his ministry.

Bret is an avid outdoorsman and environmentalist. He loves sports and outdoor adventures of all sorts and has traveled widely. He loves to write, both poetry and prose, and also enjoys photography. He especially enjoys the performing and visual arts, and events that promote cross-cultural understanding and respect between races, nations, and religions.

He hopes to bring a spirit of enthusiasm and commitment to Faith UCC and to Penn State, State College, and the sur-rounding communities – striving to work together to create a more understanding, caring, creative, and beautiful place in which to live and flourish in faith.

In summing up himself, Bret says: “I am a personable pastor with the mind of a philosopher, the heart of an artist, the spirit of a visionary, and the soul of a friend who believes that life should be met with peacefulness, loveliness, and beauty in all circumstances, and that spiritual integrity and ethical character are the habits of living responsibly in the Spirit by grace through faith. It is my calling and mission to live such a life, and to nurture and inspire others to go and do the same -- with honor, dignity, conviction, humor, playfulness, and joy.”